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eskapism Lockinfo theme

Tools and technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Photoshop
Project type: iPhone HTML theme
Date added: 09.05.2010

The eskapism Lockinfo theme is a project for the iPhone. It is a HTML theme for the iPhone application Lockinfo. It is based of the Gruppled Lockinfo theme and evolve into something almost completely different. The code was optimized and rewritten to use the jQuery JavaScript Framework leveraging its awesome animation and DOM manipulation features. The project is built around three main ideas:

  • Many and different customization options - from little tweaks to major UI design changes.
  • Everything that can be done with a gesture (swipe, tap) instead of a button should be done so.
  • Simple, powerful and beautiful UI
To help the popularization of the theme a project website and a Twitter account were created.