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Crimeblips - Kriminalstatistik Berlin

Tools and technologies: Photoshop, Java, Ajax, MySQL, PHP, Zend, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS
Project type: Web application
Date added: 15.07.2008

This was a term project during my studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Kaiserslautern. As starting point was given the concept of crime maps. These web applications are very popular in the US and usually display different crime data on a map. This includes crime scenes and reports from police feeds.

The idea behind Crimeblips (from "crime" and "blips" a.k.a. radar sounds) was to integrate that information with different social and demographic data to be able to make some conclusions about connections in between and identify trends. The resulting application provides up-to-date crime statistics for neighborhoods throughout Berlin (Germany). The application maps, visualizes, and analyzes crime incident patterns, allowing users to identify crime hot spots, trends and general patterns. The occurrences, events and data are extracted from public press releases of the City of Berlin Police Department.

The application uses for its visualization Google Maps as a base and builds upon it an abstraction layer that displays relevant information and interesting locations. By interacting with a custom built interface the user is able to interact with the map data and shape it in many ways to support trends research and visual data comparison. The source data of the crime-mapping application Crimeblips is collected via a web crawler robot that searches through the City of Berlin Police Department's public news and crime feeds, parses data and organizes it in internal structures for visualization. Apart from the mapped crime data additional statistics are provided that enable a bridge to be made between crime data and district population, demographics and race, which raise interesting questions and trends.