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eskapism Lockinfo theme

I have to admit that even though I love the iPhone in some aspects it is at a disadvantage when compared with other similar devices. In my opinion its killer feature – the OS and its usability – still lack some things that can be found on high-end Nokia or HTC handsets. One such missing feature is a good lock screen. The vanilla iPhone lock screen shows almost no information (only clock). Compared to Nokia handhelds it lacks things like weather, missed calls, new E-mail messages…

Something must be done! And it has! For jailbroken iPhones exists the possibility to buy and install Lockinfo – an extension to the iPhone OS that shows all that information on the Lock screen. As far functionality goes this was just what I (and the iPhone) needed, but.. from a design and usability point of view it was.. well, not optimal. It was possible to customize it a bit by replacing some images and changing some font colors. That, however, didn’t do anything for its usability. Luckily the creator exposed an API for to implement themes using HTML, JavaScript and CSS. As a result one of the more popular themes emerged – the Gruppled Lockinfo theme. It’s design was better than the native Lockinfo, but naturally it consumed more resources due to the fact that it was a HTML-based theme. (more…)